Rave Round 2018 Best of Bottom 10s Part 2

Pos Artist Song Pts Player
1st The Royal Concept "On Our Way" 121 Carlisle156
2nd Years and Years "King" 97 thengp12
3rd Christine and The Queens "Tilted" 83 21stCenturyBoy
4th TINI and Karol G "Princesa" 81 da33431
5th Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" 79 weedydiamond
6th King Charles "Lady Percy" 75 MissMidgard
7th Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" 71 jordaniel
8th King "Love & Pride" 65 thms
9th Ivi Adamou "The Queen" 64 nunaney
10th Olya Polyakova "Koroleva Nochi" 63 phill363
11th The Legend of King Arthur "Quelque chose de Magique" 60 avb
12th Adam and The Ants "Prince Charming" 56 Steven.P
13th Pia Toscano "You'll Be King" 54 ConnieFer99
14th Lana Del Rey "Queen of Disaster" 54 sbrum1984
15th Lorde "Team" 52 King Kunta
16th Amy MacDonald "Poison Prince" 45 nick1990
17th Eleni Foureira "Vasilissa" 43 Lisa.B
18th The Korgis "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" 40 Drew Peacock
19th Tracey Thorn "Queen" 31 Pele-thefiregoddess
20th Lena Fayre "Gold Standard King" 23 spindiddly
21st Stephanie De Monaco "Ouragan" 19 Jaccobabe
22nd Van Canto "Last Night of The Kings" 19 Lurker62
23rd Gipsy Kings "Hay Un Amigo En Mi" 18 Only_You
24th Sara Barellies "King of Anything" 5* JordanC55
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