Best Big 5 Entry Part 2 2018 Best Official Video Version of an ESC Song

Pos Artist Song Pts Player
1st Sweet "The Ballroom Blitz" 115 BBAnne
2nd Evanescence "Bring Me To Life" 111 Carlisle156
3rd The Rasmus "In The Shadows" 100 nick1990
4th Linkin Park "In The End" 86 avb
5th Queen & David Bowie "Under Pressure" 79 weedydiamond
6th 4 Non Blondes "What's Up" 78 King Kunta
7th No Doubt "Just A Girl" 68 MissMidgard
8th The Struts ft. Kesha "Body Talks" 68 Pele-thefiregoddess
9th The Veronicas "Untouched" 66 da33431
10th BABYMETAL "Megitsune" 62 Lisa.B
11th Reckless Love "Night On Fire" 60 21stCenturyBoy
12th Placebo "Nancy Boy" 59 sbrum1984
13th Marilyn Manson "Personal Jesus" 59 thengp12
14th Lita Ford "Shot of Poison" 50 Jaccobabe
15th Drowning Pool "Bodies" 47 BigBmad
16th The Birthday Massacre "Pins & Needles" 45 NightFox_Dancer
17th Idles "Danny Nedelko" 44 Wilkimania
18th Paramore "Still Into You" 42 phill363
19th Symphony X "Set The World On Fire" 40 fermattheorum
20th Eluveitie "Rebirth" 31 Lurker62
21st Man With A Mission "Database" 17 nunaney
22nd Santana "Soul Sacrifice" 7 Drew Peacock
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