Best International Football Anthem 2018 Best Video Version of a National Final Song

Pos Artist Song Pts Player
1st Robyn "Dancing On My Own" 133 Lisa.B
2nd Cher "Believe" 99 phill363
3rd P!nk "Raise Your Glass" 71 Only_You
4th Lady Gaga "Born This Way" 71 da33431
5th Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert "Same Love" 71 brb
6th Heather Small "Proud" 69 nick1990
7th Marina and the Diamonds "How To Be a Heartbreaker" 67 Carlisle156
8th ABBA "Dancing Queen" 57 Jaccobabe
9th Janet Leon "New Colours" 57 21stCenturyBoy
10th Madonna "Express Yourself" 49 King Kunta
11th Sia "The Greatest" 44 NightFox_Dancer
12th MUNA "I Know a Place" 43 Pele-thefiregoddess
13th Christina Aguilera "Beautiful" 43 MissMidgard
14th Matilda "You" 38 ConnieFer99
15th CupcakKe "LGBT" 37 thengp12
16th Morgxn "Home" 34 jordaniel
17th Dorris Day "Secret Love" 30 thms
18th Ivy Winters "Overcome" 26 sbrum1984
19th Katy Perry "I Kissed a Girl" 19 weedydiamond
20th Brendan Maclean "House of Air" 7 Lurker62
DQ Scissor Sisters "Let's Have a Kiki" 67 Wilkimania
DQ Cheryl Lynn "Got To Be Real" 28 little-monster
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